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My portfolio can be roughly split up into:

  1. Games
  2. Not Games


JezzBall 3D is a 3D adaptation of the classic game JezzBall, written in C++ with OpenGL and GLUT. It was made by myself and Erik Gui as our final CS184 project. [2011]
It's Not Easy Being Muammar was my entry into the 20th Ludum Dare, with the theme of "Itís dangerous to go alone! Take this!" It's a dark satire of NATO intervention in the Libyan civil war, written in Flex AS3 with Flashpunk. [2011]
Cal Day Photo Hunt was a competitive scavenger hunt run by the U.C. Berkeley Social App Lab on Cal Day 2011. I wrote the backend and web client code in PHP with the Yii framework. [2011]
Terra Nova was my entry into the 19th Ludum Dare, with the theme of "Discovery". It's an exploration game based on Captain Robert Scott's failed Antarctic expedition, made in Flash MX 2004. It won 8th place in the Theme category. [2010]
European Chess is a four-player chess variant designed by myself, John Fritzen, and friends, and inspired by Chaturaji and Cosmic Encounter. Play as one of 70 armies representing nations throughout history. A online version was made by Ed Friedlander. [2006-8]
Little Fighter 2.5 is an unofficial modification of Little Fighter 2 that became surprisingly popular online around '06. It is a compilation of many other mods and characters, most prominently LF2 CE and Gun-LF2. [2005-6]
A smörgåsbord of boardgame variants, unfinished games, maps, and guides that I've worked on over the years. [2002-8]

Not Games

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