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In the Oak Park Chess Club, we don't just play regular chess - we often try out different Chess variations!

European Chess

The most popular chess variation in our Chess Club is European Chess, a variation of Four-Player Chaturanga that we developed ourselves. The interesting thing about European Chess is that each player chooses one of 60+ different armies, with different pieces and special abilities, so no two games are the same.

4/14/08: European Chess now has its very own website. You can see the rules and the database of armies there.

9/26/07: Ed Friendlander has created an online European Chess game. Try it here!! Many thanks to Ed from the entire OPHS Chess Club!

2/25/07: We have started a design competition for European Chess. Check it out!!

As of 02/5/07, European Chess has its very own page in the excellent ChessVariants.org website - Check it out! Note: This version of the rules is very out of date.

Other Variants

Some other variations that we have played include Bughouse (Siamese) Chess, Benedict Chess, and Losing (Reverse) Chess.

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