The Incas

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF MANIPULATION. Your army starts small, but you can recruit other people into your army.

Starting configuration for The Incas

Delegates can move like kings but can also jump 2 squares horizontally or vertically. Every time a delegate starts a turn within one square horizontally or vertically of a nonroyal enemy piece, that enemy piece joins the Incan army.

First appearance: Nonfinalist in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Design Competitions, added to official rules by committee decision.
Creator: Michael Fienberg
Tags: Interruption power  Time Bomb power  Un-Lightning-able 

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Adam (2008-01-28)

Can they convert royal pieces also? If so, should this be noted? Also, side note: in some powers, you say "spaces" and in others you say "squares." When you put all this into a single text document, I'd use the Find and Replace feature and unify the document with one term or the other.

The Donkey (2008-01-29)

Note to self: This find-and-replace sounds like a good idea to do after finishing all the eras :P