Soviet Union

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF SECRECY. Nobody knows what’s happening behind the Iron Curtain…

Starting configuration for Soviet Union

At the start of the game, take 8 small square cards (3 labeled “Pawn,” 2 labeled “Knight,” 2 labeled “Bishop,” and 1 labeled “King”) and put one facedown under each of your pieces. The piece named on the card determines what each of your pieces actually is, but only you can look at the cards.

On your first three turns, you may not capture any pieces outside of your 3x5 starting area.

On your turn, you may move a piece wherever you want. However, any player may choose to challenge your move: reveal the card under the piece; if the move that you made was illegal, you lose that piece, but if the move was legal, then the player who challenged your move skips his/her next turn.

If you ever put an opponent’s king in check, or if an opponent’s king moves into check by one of your pieces, you must reveal that that player’s king is in check. If you do not, you may not capture the king with that piece.

Whenever one of your pieces is captured, the card underneath it is revealed. If it was the “King” card, you are checkmated, all of the cards underneath your pieces are revealed, and your pieces are replaced by their cards' equivalents and are under the control of the player who checkmated you.

First appearance: 04/16/07 (0.5.2 release of rules).
Tags: Aggressive power  Un-Lightning-able 

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