YOU HAVE THE POWER OF WINTER. Your enemies have to be careful lest they freeze to death.

Starting configuration for Russia

Whenever a non-Russian non-royal piece stands for two of your turns without any other pieces horizontally or vertically adjacent to it, it is automatically destroyed. If the Russian player is defeated, this rule no longer applies.

First appearance: 02/4/07 (0.5.1 release of rules).
Tags: Interruption power 

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Adam (2008-01-05)

Personal thoughts: This power would be very annoying to keep track of.

The Donkey (2008-01-07)

Sadly, yes. Perhaps plastic counters could help, hehe :P

John (2008-01-30)

Hmm...perhaps we should put a section on something like how to keep track of the pieces in the rules or come up with our own way of doing so. I.e. some counters that we make our of paper like the cards, or something like that.