Era: Fantasy


YOU HAVE THE POWER OF SINKING. Your island is slowly sinking, but you can use this to your advantage.

Starting configuration for Atlantis

At the end of your turn, you can sink or raise (un-sink) one unoccupied square. Sunken squares may be entered or crossed only by royal pieces or by pieces whose only moves would require them to move through sunken squares. There may not be more than 10 sunken squares at any time.

The Norse

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THE VALKYRIE. The valkyrie collects the bodies of the dead to fight for you another day.

Starting configuration for The Norse

The Valkyrie moves like a knight. On your turn, instead of moving normally, you can move a valkyrie anywhere on the board where it does not give check, but you may not use this ability two turns in a row. You cannot promote pawns to valkyries.

Whenever the valkyrie captures a piece put it by your side of the board. At the start of the turn, instead of moving you may put one of these pieces on the board in your 2x4 starting area, as long as your valkyrie is still on the board.

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