Rick: An Internet Menace

Rickrolling is an Internet phenomenon that has long since crossed over from 'amusing' to 'frustratingly annoying'. The rickroll is a classic bait-and-switch tactic: promise a friend one thing and deliver something quite different, leaving the recipient feeling confused and violated.

If the Internet as a whole has not matured enough to stop this idiotic practice, it's time for online users to take matters into their own hands.

100% Rick-Free Offers
RickRemoval: A Solution

RickRemoval is a multi-browser extension that automatically detects rickroll videos and prevents them from playing. When a suspected rickroll is detected, you're able to choose whether or not to allow the page to load.

Install RickRemoval for Firefox!

Make sure you're using Firefox 2.0-3.6. You may have to click "Allow" at the top of the screen to install this extension.


"It's good to see the fun police finally put an end to such an atrocity."
- Shinespark, CNet comment

"Sound like something you need? Then find a new group of friends. Barring that, you can grab the add-on."
- Paul Lilly, Maximum PC

How Does It Work?

RickRemoval provides you with two levels of protection:

  • First, every site you visit is matched against an extensive and up-to-date database of known rickroll pages.
  • The second level of protection is applied to all Youtube videos: the entire page is searched for suspicious keywords, and RickRemoval prevents it from loading if it finds too many warning signs.

Together, RickRemoval's comprehensive blacklist and heuristic analysis make it all but impossible for you to ever be rickrolled again.

Who Are We?

RickRemoval was developed by Alex Nisnevich, Greg Shuflin, and Nanxi Liu for the 2010 Yahoo Hack-U event at U.C. Berkeley.