Medieval China

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CANNONS. Your cannons are difficult to mobilize but can be deadly when they strike.

Starting configuration for Medieval China

Cannons move and capture any number of spaces horizontally and vertically, but must jump over exactly one (friendly or enemy) piece to reach its destination. A cannon can only capture a king if it jumps over a friendly piece, not an enemy piece.

Chinese pawns capture forward, not diagonally. Chinese pawns do not promote normally, but once a Chinese pawn crosses the halfway line of the board (in your direction), it can move and capture one space horizontally or vertically.

First appearance: New to version 1.0.
Influences: Xiangqi and Janggi.
Tags: Aggressive power  Complex rules 

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The Donkey (2008-01-29)

Note to self: Consider Chinese (not Korean) cannon(s) and elephants (perhaps capturing everything in their path) - playtest for balance and possibly update for v2.1.