The Mayas

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY. Though starting at a low technological age, the Mayan Empire ended up with very advanced technology.

Starting configuration for The Mayas

At the start of each turn you get a token. On your turn, instead of moving, you can use tokens to upgrade any piece other than your original king (which is your only royal piece) by giving it the movement capability of another piece:

  • 2 tokens – king (non-royal), knight, or bishop
  • 3 tokens – rook
  • 6 tokens - any piece on the board
You can combine powers (i.e. bishop + rook = queen). Once you upgrade a pawn it cannot move or act like a pawn and is no longer considered to be a pawn.

First appearance: 3rd Design Competition (1st place finalist).
Creator: John Fritzen.
Tags: Time Bomb power 

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Adam (2008-04-13)

This power makes no sense. For 2 tokens I can upgrade a non-royal king. Wow, thanks a lot, but what does it upgrade TO?

Adam (2008-04-13)

OK, on second read-through, it looks like maybe you mean an upgrade will add a certain movement capability to any piece, rather than metamorphosing a piece into another standard piece. If that is the case, that definitely needs to be explained, too. "Upgrade" is not a chess term and needs to be defined.

The Donkey (2008-04-13)

Sufficient explanation now?