History of European Chess

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11/10/08 - 11/21/08 Fifth design competition. Please welcome our new nations: Australia, FBI, Greece, Luftwaffe, and WWII USA!
06/24/08 - 07/7/08 Minor balancing tweaks to U.N. Peacekeepers (pawns cannot capture) and Soviet Union (no attacks for three turns). Nations tagged by strategy. Team Battle and Negative Chess variants posted, as well as some wallpapers.
04/13/08 Version 1.0. This website goes online.
03/31/08 - 04/11/08 Fourth design competition
11/14/07 - 11/28/07 Third design competition
09/26/07 European Chess online applet by Ed Friedlander
04/16/07 0.5.2 release
03/26/07 - 04/6/07 Second design competition
02/26/07 - 03/16/07 First design competition
02/14/07 0.5.1 release
01/21/07 First release (0.5.0)
12/8/06 Sixth draft (0.0.6)
12/6/06 Fifth draft (0.0.5)
12/5/06 Fourth draft (0.0.4)
12/1/06 Third draft (0.0.3)
11/29/06 Second draft (0.0.2)
11/28/06 First draft (0.0.1)

Development History

A comprehensive history of the development process of European Chess, as well as descriptions of the early drafts, can be found at Alex's blog.


European Chess was developed and playtested by Alex Nisnevich, John Fritzen, Michael Fienberg, Neil Shah, Ben Pyle, Joe Richman, and Aditya Chondramohan.

Special thanks to John Zimmerman, Bruce Moon (RIP), and the rest of the Bay Area Chess Club for designing ZM Machiavellian Chess, off of which this game is based.

Special thanks also to all the members of the Oak Park Chess Club (you know who you are!) =)

Finally, I would like to thank Peter Olotka and the Cosmic Encounter community. The boardgame Cosmic Encounter was my main source of inspiration for the different countries in European Chess.