Extra Extra
2019—, dance rock
I play synths for Extra! Extra! — a new-wavey dance rock band inspired in equal parts by LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads, and the B-52s. We've played sold-out shows around the Bay Area, opened for such illustrious acts as Steel Beans, and released our debut album in 2022:
2015—2016, swamp metal
Black Sabbath meets Dr. John. I played keys and bass. “I won't forget that show for a while” — Paul, sound engineer @ Milk Bar. Featured on Obscure Sound's Best of 2018 playlist, and accidentally inspired a line of subkick mics in Australia. Our first and only album is available on vinyl!
with Hooded Youth
2018—, electronic bossa
A series of collaborations I've done with my buddy Hooded Youth, playing keyboards and synths. Under the Burn Cartel collective.
odds & ends
Synth jams, classical compositions and remixes, one-off collabs.