U.N. Peacekeepers

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF PACIFISM. Although you do not carry lethal weapons, you have other ways of ending wars.

Starting configuration for U.N. Peacekeepers

Your bishops and rooks may only move up to three squares each turn. Your pawns may move one square in any direction each turn.

Your pieces can only be captured within your 2x4 starting area, and you can only capture other pieces normally if they are within your 2x4 starting area, and only with your bishops and rooks. Your pawns cannot capture anywhere.

If an opponent’s piece cannot move at the start of its owner's turn, and at least one UN Peacekeeper is horizontally or vertically adjacent to it, that piece is removed from the game.

You are checkmated only if any opponent moves at least three of his/her pieces into your starting area.

First appearance: 12/5/06 (4th draft of rules).
Tags: Aggressive power  Defensive power  Un-Lightning-able 

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Adam (2008-04-13)

"But" should be "and". You MIGHT want to explain "cannot move" more, if you think it's necessary. Perhaps use parentheses with examples within, such as "whether by check or because of a player's power". Also, as this game has many odd exceptions, you should clarify further by adding that the piece cannot move "on his turn." Lastly, quit being such a sissy and just say "his" or "her" instead of "his/her."

The Donkey (2008-04-13)

Hmm, I don't think I need to clarify "cannot move" more.