West Germany

YOU HAVE THE POWER OF AIRLIFT. You can quickly move your forces on and off the field.

Starting configuration for West Germany

On your turn, instead of moving, you can choose to either:

  • take a piece you control off the board as long as it is within two squares of another piece you control, or
  • place a piece removed from the board with this ability onto the board as long as it is placed within two squares of a piece you control.
You cannot use either of these abilities to cause check.

First appearance: 4rd Design Competition (1st place finalist).
Creator: Alex Nisnevich
Tags: Defensive power 

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Adam (2008-04-13)

Can this ability (either the removing OR replacement of a piece) be used to give/reveal check or checkmate?

The Donkey (2008-04-13)

It cannot, thanks for bringing that up.