A First Foray into Experiential Art

I presented "A Snack in Every Port" at Appetite Obscure #8: Seacret, an interactive potluck.

From the description on the site:

A Snack in Every Port

A map and a compass lie in front of you. Look for the dot that represents your ship. Place the point of the compass on the dot, and mark the ship’s next location with the pencil. Where you land determines what you eat.

Open Water: Crust of Bread & Slice of Lime
Cookie Confederation: Sugar Cookie
Appetizer Archipelago: Mini Shishkabob
Cupcake Coast: Chocolate Cupcake
Sultanate of Salmon: Cracker with Salmon and Cream Cheese
Principality of Parch: Dangerous-looking Bottle of Unidentified Booze

Appetite Obscure was great fun altogether (from preparing the dish to demonstrating it to trying other dishes), and I look forward to attending more interactive potlucks in the future.


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